The Painting Process

Picture and Rock Match

I match the pets chosen picture to the rock that I feel will best capture the Pets Portrait.  I outline the picture to the rock. And begin what I call the under coloring of the portrait.


Complete the under coloring.  The under coloring stage is the most fun stage for me.  The animal appears very creative and wild.  Most people are shocked when they see this stage of the process because the animal is “so colorful!”   I will often hear: "It won't look like that when it is done right?"  - No, it will not, unless...  You are one of my few costumers have specifically requested that that look!   And then let have fun! 

True Color, Eyes and Sign

Match the animal’s “true colors” over the under coloring.  Painting the true color over the under color how I gain the dimensional aspect, or depth, of the portrait. The under colors will show through this layer as highlights and shadows.

I love to capture eyes, as I feel this is the part of the body that most reflects the soul. Once I feel the painting is complete I paint a glazing medium over the eyes, the mouth, and nose of the animal (if that should appear to be a wet surface). 

Finally, I add the name if requested and then I sign the Pet Portrait Rock –by Lisa.

Finishing the Portrait

Each Pet Portrait Rock is sealed or finished with four coats of a professional archival varnish.  Professional grade archival varnish is “A protective finish for fine artwork… offers good dirt, dust, and moisture resistance in a flexible film.  Contains Ultraviolet Light filters and Stabilizers (ULVS) providing archival protections, reducing light damage.”

Each coat is dried thoroughly before the next application is applied.