I first met Lisa at the 2010 Bark in the Park festival in Anacortes.  As soon as I first looked at Lisa’s incredible art, I knew what I had to do…place an order, of course.  My husband Bruce and I just lost one of our cats, Amanda, to sudden kidney failure.  Amanda would not let Bruce out of her sight.  I thought I would surprise Bruce with a gift to honor Amanda.  Lisa talked with me about the options, asked me the perfect questions about our little girl, and sent me proofs along the way.   Also, I absolutely love the Pet Portrait Rocks by Lisa website and will be a frequent guest.  Lisa is an amazing, creative, talented, and gifted artist.  Bruce will always be reminded of the incredible love and bond he and Amanda shared.  Thank you Lisa!  Karen Roberts, July 14, 2010      Below is Hobbes testimonial, he is pictured in the Dog Gallery


We lost our DearHobbes (lab mix) a while back, and Lisa painted a rock for us to place on his grave on our acreage. It is so absolutely beautiful, and catches his spirit. I don't know how she does it but this woman is soooo talented in captuirng the eyes and soul of the pet. We decided that it was too beautiful to put outside with Hobbes, so we decided to find a special place inside the house to put Hobbes. He is petted every morning and every evening by us, and by all of our grown children when they come to visit. It is like having him right there with us. We have commissioned Lisa to paint rocks for our friends and their lost loved ones....AMAZING! Thank you, Lisa. With love, Guy & Eileen, Clements Acres'


Lisa is amazing!! She is beyond talented and truly captured the spirit of our loving pets. Lisa did three pet portraits for me. The first was Henry's snuggle portrait rock where my parents' dog Henry is snuggled up and curled into a ball. It looks just like him and is perfect to place on the fireplace, just like my mom imagined ever since we rescued Henry. The second was a charm rock of Henry's face. It looked so much like him that my mom thought I decoupage a photo of him on the rock. My parents LOVED their rock portraits of their sweet boy Henry bean for Christmas! The third was a memorial charm rock portrait of my Husband's family dog growing up. It looked just like our precious, beloved Ava! She recently passed away and we miss her so much! This rock meant the WORLD to my in-laws. They both cried when they opened this gift for Christmas. It was a special moment. Lisa is a wonderful person. She is very personable, kind, and detail oriented. She jumped in with excitement at my odd request for a snuggle portrait and made sure she found the perfect rock for this neat project. Thank you so much Lisa!!! You will never know how special all three of these pet portrait rocks are to me and my family. It was such a joy collaborating and working with you. Anna Aultman, 1/3/17


Jake's rock arrived yesterday late. I'm waiting for the fog to lift so that I can place it and get a good picture. 


 I cannot believe how beautiful it is Lisa. Pictures don't do it justice. It is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get it placed and get a pic for you. I wish it was Spring and the pecan tree was bloomed :)
   My niece text me and said she received her cork board. She loves it! She says she will take a pic when she gets it hung on her wall. I'm so glad she loves it. I knew that she would!

I can't thank you enough for everything Lisa. Your art is amazing. Your attention to detail blew me away. I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of the whole process. Your email updates throughout made my day!  The turnaround time was perfect. You are so professional, kind, caring and true to your art.

Thank you again for painting this most special Tribute Rock to Our Beloved Jake.

Kim Thorn

Jake & Gordy Thorn Patch


I always love to hear and see how people are using their pet portraits.  Mary shared with me that her sister Pat loved the portrait of Joe that she had commission for her.  Pat is displaying Joe on her mantel.  Here is the picture of him in his home.


"This summer, we received a pet portrait rock of our beloved cat Teemu from our good friends Ellie, Robert and Zoe. Teemu passed away this year after a brief illness after being with us for almost 16 years since her adoption from the Winnipeg Humane Society.  We have so many cherished memories of her throughout the years; she was truly a member of our family and was there for us in times happy and sad.  We miss her terribly and think of her daily. This special gift created by Lisa is an incredible likeness of her and has brought us much comfort.  Teemu greets us daily at our front door just as she used to!"

Sabine, Rob, Julia and Sandy, Point Roberts, WA


I gave a Pet Portrait Rock by Lisa to a friend whose cat, Teemu, had recently died after being with my friend, and her family, for 16 years. Not being a pet person myself, even I could tell how much her cat meant to her, how she truly misses her. She accepted my gift with gratitude; she even teared up a couple of times. They just adore the portrait and it's on their front porch and are impressed with how much it looks like their departed friend.  Thank you! 

Ellie   Sedro-Woolley, WA


My name is Kim, and I am Cyndy's daughter.  You painted my love Chance. First Lisa I would like to start by thanking you.  My mom always knows just what to get me. =) When she presented me this portrait my eyes welled with tears. You seemed to of captured Chances softness of his eyes. I feel so blessed to be able to honor his memory in such a beautiful way. He was an amazing dog that just lived to love me. I had him for a long love filled 16 years. I can’t say in words how happy I am. THANK YOU. My mom spoke so wonderfully of you and said she felt as if she knew you for many years, which impacts the gift even more knowing that it came from someone that connects with the person and pet your capturing. I will proudly display this art in my home on the mantle so everyone that comes in my home can enjoy this portrait as much as my husband and I will.  Thank you again Lisa.  SINCERLEY, Kimberly C.


thank u so much for doing such a great job on my beloved "chewy's" rock. yes he had a name but we called him puppy like parents call their children baby. he was our baby. thanks again Lisa. -- Inez (Puppy's Owner) 


Lexie got home from camp and of course she absolutely LOVES the Little rock!  It's in our living room next to the fireplace.

You nailed the image and Lexie would love you to do Biggie and Bailey.

Again, our sincere thanks - your wonderful artistic talent has given us a beautiful tribute to a beloved member of our family.

Sue  & Lexie H,  Everett WA


My name is Shannon Kujath. I work with Lisa and when she first shared with me that she was going to be hand painting pictures of animals on stones or urns for pet owners I thought what a great idea! We lost our beloved 2 year old, Dogue de Bordeaux, named Bocephus (after Hank Williams Jr country singing superstar) in 2008 from lymphoma, cancer. This was our first dog and extremely heart breaking for our entire family especially the children. I wanted to remember our “one of a kind” dog and this was the only way to forever remember him. Because the last thing my children remembering seeing was him on hospice at home suffering, then taken to the vet and being put to sleep.  Lisa hand selected the stone he was painted on and spent countless hours capturing each physical detail to a tee. When I first saw the stone I was so surprised and delighted! I actually have it on my desk at work and it provides me such comfort. Thank you Lisa!