Can my Pet Portrait Rock go outside?

Yes, Pet Portrait Rocks can go outside, but please keep in mind that direct sunlight exposure and extreme weather will damage any piece of fine artwork over time. 

If you choose to place your Pet Portrait Rock outside and want to keep it in the best shape possible, I would encourage you to place it by or under a plant that can and will protect it from direct sunlight, and bring it into a protected place in extreme weather. 

I keep the Pet Portrait Rocks that I have done of my animals inside. I love to look in the family room and see my animals, both past, and present, in my family’s main gathering space.

What is your medium, what supplies do you use? 

I paint all Pet Portrait Rocks with “Liquitex Professional Acrylic Artistic Color Heavy Body” paint.  For metallic impressions I use “Pearl Ex Pigments” added to “Golden Mediums Acrylic Glazing Liquid” and or added to the “Liquitex” paint.  

Each Pet Portrait Rock is sealed or finished with four coats of a professional archival varnish.  Professional grade archival varnish is “A protective finish for fine artwork… offers good dirt, dust, and moisture resistance in a flexible film.  Contains Ultraviolet Light filters and Stabilizers (ULVS) providing archival protections, reducing light damage.”

Where are the rocks procured?

I love to walk, hike, camp, beach walk, canoe, and stream wade.   I look for rocks, and I find them everywhere!  Now when I’m out walking with my daughters and friends, they point them out too.  I have to be able to envision a portrait on the rock for me to pick it up.  My husband and friends help me lug them back.  We call it “walking a pet rock” or “our pet rock exercise program.”  

What type of photo best captures my animal?

I think “Mug” shots (the pet’s face) or “Bust” shots (the pet’s face and chest area) are best.  It is great if you have a picture of your pet giving a favorite look (examples: looking sweet, giving the eye, sitting regally), or engaged in a favorite action.  My goal is to show your pet’s spirit on their Pet Portrait Rock.  I can paint full body pictures, but I feel your pet’s spirit is often more clearly captured when painted as a mug or bust.   

I paint from your photo.  What I see in your photo is what I capture on the Pet Portrait Rock.   I can zoom in on the photo and capture the face of the animal. If the photo does not show your animal’s correct color, please send several so that I can paint your Pet in its true color.  I do not, will not, change the animal’s pose, or stance. 

Do you paint more than Dogs and Cats?

Yes, I have done Pet Portrait Rocks of small mammals, horses, birds, and reptiles too.  I look forward to doing a custom Pet Portraits Rocks fish.