The buyer gives permission to Pet Portrait Rocks by Lisa to use, copy, and maintain a copy of the photo(s) to complete the commissioned portrait and possible marketing. If it is a professional photo, the buyer must obtain legal permission from the photographer to allow this/these photographs use for this purpose.  By giving the photo(s) to Pet Portrait Rocks by Lisa, the buyer assumes and acknowledges responsibility for any copyright violations involved.

The artist, Lisa Suchsland, owns the right to photograph and display all pictures I take of the buyer’s Pet Portrait Rock.  The artist maintains a photo portfolio of all Pet Portrait Rocks for business records, as well as for advertising.  A photo of the buyer's Pet Portrait Rock may be shown for promotional purposes by the artist, including on the web.  The owner of the Pet Portrait Rock does have the artist's permission to use photographs of the portrait for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Because of the time committed exclusively to creating your unique keepsake, each Pet Portrait Rock by Lisa is personally commissioned.  Therefore, the artist requires a 50% non-refundable deposit payable upon placing the order.

 The buyer will have the opportunity to see the completed Pet Portrait on-line. Once the buyer has approved the finished portrait, the artist will request the final payment – to include tax, shipping, and handling. 

 Upon receipt of the final payment, the commissioned Pet Portrait Rock by Lisa is then sent to the buyer.  If the buyer has sent original photos to the artist, they are returned to the buyer with the completed Pet Portrait Rock.  

If the buyer is not completely satisfied with the Pet Portrait Rock, the buyer must return the art piece to the artist, who will then refund the refundable portion (50%) of the sales price and applicable sales tax.

 If the buyer does not complete the transaction within 60 days of the proof offered, the artwork will become the property of the artist; and that deposit will be forfeited.