I am a very creative person who adores and admires animals!  I share my home with my husband, two daughters, two dogs, two cats, a rabbit and often a fish or two.  Being able to express my creativity is the side of my personality that I value the most. 

I create Custom Pet Portrait Rocks and custom Pet Portraits on urns.  Each custom Pet Portrait is hand-painted from the owner's personal photograph(s).

I began painting animals after my parents had gone on a photo safari to Africa.  When my parents' beloved cat died, they had her remains cremated.  My father approached me about painting Foxy’s portrait on her urn.  I was so proud that they had asked me to do this for them, and to honor their “little girl” in such unique way.  

Painting that urn was such personal positive experience that I began to paint my animals, those still living and those who had passed.  From there, the requests came in for custom pet portraits from family, friends, and others who learned of me by word of mouth. 

Collecting rocks is now a family affair.  I love how the people closest to me, my husband, children, extended family and friends all give me information and input on rocks.  We all get muddy, as well as getting a great workout hiking with the future “pet rocks.”  I enjoy talking about the animals with my daughters as I paint; I love to have them tell me what they see in the animal.  It is fabulous to listen to them describe my business to others!  I sincerely hope that I will lead by example in my daughters' life quests for personal value of self, discovering and nurturing of their creative self-expression and personal talents!

I believe our pets show us their unconditional love, and their spirits enrich our lives.  I am honored and grateful to have the talent to paint an animal’s image, so that they can always be with us.  I love the fact that I can bring comfort to people and give them the visual gift of their special pet.  I look forward to working with you!